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Current Schedule


Miwok Aquatics Center
1800 Ignacio Blvd.
Novato, CA 94949

Too early? Try Night Practices!

We offer many practice times to accommodate for anyone's busy schedule!

We're at Indian Valley College
We currently offer six practices a week at the new Miwok Aquatics Center pool! Whether you like early mornings or evenings, we have a practice for you!
If this is your first time with U.S. Masters:
Click here for a trial membership, or register for USMS        at Don't forget goggles and a towel!

Cost for now is $15 per swim using a punchcard. We will make every effort to again offer a monthly subscription as soon as it is a financially viable option. You may purchase a four or ten swim card by emailing You may prepay $20.00 for one swim by contacting us and paying an online invoice, the cost is higher due to extra administrative time required to invoice single swims. 
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