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We Have a Lane for You!

About Us

Don't let the name "Masters" keep you away.  Our team has coaches who specialize in training all kinds of swimmers.  Marin Aquatic Masters is for everyone: those of you who have been out of the water since childhood and want to get back in shape, triathletes wanting to master the "hardest leg" of an Ironman, competitive swimmers who are training for meets, or athletes who are recovering from injuries.  No matter what your goals are, we will meet them and you will have fun and make new gutter buddies!

Meet The Coaches

Shari is the head coach of the Marin Aquatic Masters and is now in her 10th year of coaching for our team. She is a USMS Certified Level 3 Coach and Certified Adult Learn to Swim Instructor. Shari is dedicated to the success of every swimmer on our team and fosters a welcoming, non-competitive and inclusive swimming environment for everyone. Coach Shari always puts the same energy into the success of her swimmers whether they are training for Nationals, haven’t been in the pool for 20 years, or are just learning to swim for the first time.


Shari is always on deck and doesn’t get much time to swim herself, but she is an Ironman 70.3 finisher and loves trail running, having run two 50k trail races so far. Shari and her husband Bryce have been married for 33 years. Their son is our team’s Coach Nick, and their daughter Claire is a senior swimming for UC Santa Cruz. When not coaching our team, Shari is an estate planning attorney in her 21st year of practicing law.

Nick is a USMS Certified Level 3 Coach with over 5 years of experience, is an Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor, and a USA Swim Coach. His love for all things swimming has kept him in and around the pool for his whole life. During his time as a competitive swimmer, he excelled in distance freestyle, and competed at the 2015 Open Water Nationals in Florida. He began coaching at age 11 for The Special Olympics, and has since coached for the Marin Pirates, Thunder Coast Aquatics, Riptide, and Marin Aquatic Masters. With skills in coaching many different types of swimmers, Coach Nick can make anyone feel comfortable and confident in the water. 

Marin Aquatic Masters, a USMS team, welcomes and fully supports team members with all levels of swimming background and ability.  “Masters” refers to athletes ages 18 and over, not expert level swimming. Our coaches and volunteers recognize the dignity of each person and refrain from behaviors or words that are disrespectful of any one or any group.


It is a team priority to provide a rewarding experience to the entire swim community. Marin Aquatic Masters welcomes and fully supports team members of all sexual and gender identities, socioeconomic status, national origin, and religion. We offer our members, and potential members, a team practice environment which seeks to ensure the safety and inclusion of all members and any athletes and/or spectators who attend our team sponsored events.

Read the full Code of Conduct here. 

Marin Aquatic Masters
Code of Conduct

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